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and see activities in Northern California Kendo Federation (NCKF).

San Mateo Kendo Dojo Brochure and Registration Form (PDF)
  smkd2021-1.pdf San Mateo Kendo Dojo Fee schedule and registration form 1.2 MB ver. 2021-1

NCKF (Northern California Kendo Fedelation)

NCKF Schedule

Useful Link

Article about kendo: Know the way of the sword, know thyself: a kendo primer

Japanese-English Kendo Dictionary

Wearing and Folding Hakama

Book:  Kendo: The Definitive Guide

What is the ranking in kendo? 1 , 2 (See "Grades" and "Titles" sections)

Interview to Ogihara sensei (2004, in Japanese)

Concept of Kendo (by All Japan Kendo Federation)

Kendo Armor Vendors: KendoStyle

Useful Videos:

Kendo Basics (English) #1

Kendo Basics  (English) # 2

Kendo Basics  (English) #3

Kendo Basics  (English) #4

Kendo Basics  (English) #5

Kendo Basics  (English) #6

Kendo Kata  ( English / Japanese )

Bokuto  Kihon Waza  (Japanese)

Chiba Sensei 8 Dan Shiai (Japanese)

Koga sensei 2008 US Senior final

Tournament videos of San Mateo kenshi

16th World Kendo Championships  (Go to the site from the link below)

Mens team final   (Japan vs Korea)

Mens team semi-final  (US vs Korea)  (Japan vs Hungary)

Womens team final (Japan vs Korea)

Womens team semi-final   (Brazil vs Korea)  (USA vs Japan)

Mens ind. Takenouchi

Mens ind. final (J-Amishiro vs J-Takenouchi)

Mens ind. semi-final  (J-Takenouchi vs J-Nishimura)  (J-Amishiro vs K-Jang)

Womens ind. final  (J-Matsumoto vs K-Hu)

(Mens USA)

US vs China taipei

US vs France

US vs New Zealand