San Mateo Kendo Dojo proudly has our chief instructor, Masaru Ogihara sensei, 7 dan Kyoshi. He started to practice Kendo in junior high school in Japan. He continues to practice kendo through university where he received instruction from Shichiro Honma Sensei, 8 dan Hanshi. By the way, current shihan there is Masashi Chiba sensei, 8 dan Hanshi. Ogihara sensei came to US due to his company assignment in 1976. In 1981 he helped to establish San Mateo Kendo Dojo with parents of kenshi (kendoists) and friends, and continues to teach us spirit of kendo enthusiastically . He received 7 dan in 1991 and Kyoshi in 1994.

Instructors Position Name Rank
Chief Instructor (Shihan) Masaru Ogihara 7 dan Kyoshi
Instructor Satoru Konopka 5 dan
Instructor Jean Tessier 4 dan
Instructor Greg Ota 4 dan
Instructor Takashi Shigihara 4 dan
moon Instructor John Moon 4 dan
carolyne Instructor Carolyne Ikeda 4 dan
Akia Instructor Akia Vongdara 4 dan