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Good Start For The 2022 Tournament Season At San Jose Tournament

SJ no bogu

SJ adult

San Mateo Kenshi made a good start for the 2022 tournament season at San Jose Tournament in May 22 at Leigh High School.

Sarafina:  2nd at non-bogu, 12 yrs. and under 
Isabella:   2nd at non-bogu, 13 yrs. and over
Ota sensei:  2nd at Senior 
Yuki:   2nd at at 11-13 yrs.
Leo:  2nd at 1D-2D

Congratulations! Keep practicing and match with other dojo's kenshi again at the next trounament.

San Mateo Kendo Dojo Re-opened!

San Mateo Kendo Dojo re-opened in Sep. 14, 2021 after the long dark Covid19 pandemics has occured. We didn't practice kendo for more than 550 days after March 10, 2020 when the lockdown has started. We did start the practice slowly at the first day but everyone were happy to see the practice pals and practiced kendo again.

We take Covid 19 prevention measure very carefully so that currently only the fully vaccinated students allow to join our practice.

The Requirement Of The Registrations

The requirement of the registration has updated for both San Mateo and Foster City. It will be applied to the 2022 seasons.

Fully vaccinated is recommended.
Age limit : 9 years and above.

Bogu wearing students should signup for Advanced.
Non-Bogu wearing students should signup for Beginners.
In early September we will announce provisions against Covid19 pandemic.
New Students need to pay the Dojo's annual fees which are additional to the sign-up fee. (See the brochure.)

Even if you are all fully vaccinated, you should read carefully the following instructions against Covid19 Pandemic. Here is what you need to do :

Bring the AUSKF Covid Questionaire sheet.
Bring a couple of large sized face masks, bottled water, a plexi mouth guard if you wear Bogu.
Wear your Kendo gi and Hakama at home because the space of the restroom is very limited.
Keep social distance and lower your Kiai voice.
Be careful: Dehydration, Heatstroke, Injury.

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